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TremBala - Guilds

TremBala - Guilds


Guild Information
Mateus Da Show is guild leader of TremBala.
The guild was founded on Nto Adventure on 9 January 2021.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Vocation Level Status
Mateus Da Show (MATEUS)
SHISUI (Dano) 700 Online
Joga Easi (MATEUS)
MINATO (Dano) 594 Online
Mateus Do Genjutsu (MATEUS)
ITACHI (Dano) 595 Offline
Mateus Surf Na Lyze (MATEUS)
KISAME (Dano) 601 Offline
Mateus Spanca Puta (MATEUS)
NAGATO (Dano) 595 Offline
Mateus Tanc Easi (MATEUS)
HIDAN (Tank) 596 Offline
Mateus Jo Ga Easi (MATEUS)
TSUNADE (Tank) 640 Offline
Mateus Joga Liso (MATEUS)
MUU (Dano) 601 Offline
Mateus Ispanca Puta (MATEUS)
YAGURA (Dano) 595 Offline
Mateus Joga Lyze (MATEUS)
HIRUZEN (Dano) 595 Offline
Mateus Trepista (MATEUS)
TOBIRAMA (Suporte) 583 Online
Mateus Joga Gala (MATEUS)
UTAKATA (Dano) 602 Offline
Mateus Di Oclin (MATEUS)
SASORI (Dano) 437 Offline
Mateus Socada Fatal (MATEUS)
RAIKAGE (Dano) 601 Offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.


Players On-Line:
498h 40m


Best players

  • Junin Voce Nao Muda
    Level: 701
  • Karalho EoH Jean
    Level: 701
  • Krl Eoh Silvio
    Level: 701
  • Xavierzao Adventure
    Level: 701
  • Junin Ostenta
    Level: 701
  • Discord